The Professional Look of Embroidered Company Shirts

The Professional Look of Embroidered Company Shirts

More and more today, companies are improving their business branding and awareness by using custom embroidered clothing.  Embroidered apparel can include anything from polo shirts to executive dress shirts, athletic caps to knit beanies, golf wind jackets to sweaters and much more.  Also, the more economical items like totes, lunch bags, duffels, and messenger bags can also be embroidered and used as hand-outs or customer gifts.
Custom embroidered shirts produced for Image 1 Studios

A lot of companies (such as our customer in the picture on the right)  like their employees to wear uniform polos, or other types of shirts.  Using embroidery for your logo on these garments will project a professional company image and instill a sense of pride in your employees as well.  They will feel like team players, and productivity usually increases as a result.  And, think about a where your employees go on their way home from work!  They will advertise for you in the grocery store, at the ballpark, in the restaurant, or wherever they stop.  It truly is a win-win proposition to provide custom embroidered work shirts for your employees!

And, don’t forget about your sales people that are out in the field every day calling on customers.  A presentable image, and one that they can be proud of, is very important.  That potential customer will understand that your company is organized, professional, and also cares about the upstanding image they project in the marketplace.  This, most often, will translate into sales which will improve the bottom line.

Leakfree Logo APPROVAL2Custom embroidered logos, like the one on the left here, are an important part of the branding process. Companies spend a lot of money for their unique logos that connect with customers on an emotional level.  The funds spent on these brilliantly designed company logos should not go to waste.

Embroidered logos on quality garments lends an air of class to a business and gives a sense of confidence and loyalty to the customer.  A nicely crisp ironed dress shirt, or a no-wrinkle and soil-release polo, that is embroidered with your logo inspires trust in both your employees and your business.

Another use for custom embroidered apparel or other items is for your company to offer appreciation gifts to your customers.  A nice messenger bag or maybe even a duffel bag, would be great give-away gifts.  Golf towels or blankets for sport events also show off your custom embroidered logo and are a hit with customers.

So, if presenting a more stylish, professional and cohesive business image to your customers is important to you and your company’s success, please be sure to take a look at what custom embroidered apparel has to offer.  You might be surprised with how far your budget can be stretched and the bang you get for your buck when you make custom embroidery part of your advertising and employee uniform budgets.