Moisture Wicking Performance Apparel

Moisture Wicking Performance Apparel

Popular today are the moisture-wicking fabrics that make up performance clothing for people who are outside in the heat of the day. With the active lifestyles that everyone enjoys today, we pay particular attention to the clothing we wear so that we are both comfortable and stylish.Moisture-Wicking Polos  New technology has provided great fabrics that keep us dry from perspiration if we happen to be outside on a balmy and hot day. Thank goodness!

How do manufactured brands like dry-fit, rapid-dry, and cool and dry, for example, work?  When we wear a polo shirts made of moisture-wicking fabric, the technology that goes into the actual material of that shirt allows it to draw moisture away from our skin to the outer layer of fabric where it evaporates quickly and keeps us comfortable.  Some even explain it by saying that the material actually “breathes” so the one wearing it remains cool even on the hottest of days.

All of the major brands of apparel have their own name for this special light-weight, fast-drying fabric that their clothes are made of, but they all work in the very same way.  Whether you play golf, baseball, soccer, or any other sport, you will more than likely be wearing a moisture-wicking shirt of some brand.  Usually, these shirts are composed of 100% polyester material, but some are even a blend of cotton and poly.

Moisture-Wicking JerseysCompanies that like their employees dressed in shirts with the company logo should pay particular attention to the material of the shirt they wear, especially if they are in a warehouse situation, or working outside in the summertime.  While dressing and acting like a team, employees will also feel comfortable and dry throughout the long day of work.  I bet it might also help them work even harder if the heat doesn’t get to them. Management will definitely benefit from their employees’ improved work ethic.
Moisture-wicking Jackets

The next time you’re ready for new company shirts, it might be a good idea to check out this new technology and go with custom embroidery on moisture-wicking shirts.  We’ll be glad to assist you.  Our online catalogs are full of moisture-wicking apparel and there is sure to be the style, color and size that you need for that special event or purpose.