Making a First Impression

Hi Folks!  I have a personal experience with “making a first impression” to relate to you today.

I chose a “high end” salon this week to make an appointment for the next day to have my hair highlighted.  My husband wanted a nice haircut, so we made appointments with two different stylists so he wouldn’t have to wait too long for me.  We arrived on time and, while my stylist was “running late”, my husband received immediate attention.  Now, while we realized that he was going to have to wait on me a little longer because of the service I was getting, we didn’t expect that I was going to have to wait on my stylist to arrive late for work.  This was a 10:00 appointment.

While we weren’t happy, I decided to wait.  Another gal appeared after about 10 minutes and apologized and said my stylist would be (as she giggled???) about 15 minutes longer.  (Yes, the giggling attitude did get to me!)  In the meantime, my husband was about finished.  Before the 15 minutes was up, I cancelled my appointment and we left.

Now, this was my first impression of the way this salon did business!  Not only did none of the employees wear company apparel that would have shown me they were proud of where they worked, they showed me they were sloppily dressed, unorganized and lax when it came to what they expect of their employees.  Instead of gaining two brand new customers, they lost us and our recurring business.

This salon had one time to make an impression on a new customer and they blew it!  Granted, custom embroidered apparel in the way of shirts or aprons, would have impressed me, but while it wasn’t the entire package, it is a great start to gaining a better morale with your employees that would give them a feeling of not only pride in their work, but a sense of responsibility when it comes to being on time for work.  Wouldn’t you think that one of the other stylists could have risen to the occasion to take up the slack and at least give me the sense that my business was important to them?  That would have softened the blow for sure.  The other employees were probably annoyed with the lateness of this one stylist, so the morale penetrates throughout the entire staff.

When you have a chance to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION, I hope you will do your very best!  Thanks for allowing me to vent and make the correlation between my experience and how custom embroidered apparel for your business will impress your first-time customer.  I might have given the gal a pass and made another appointment if they had presented a professional appearance and had been more helpful, but I’m not inclined to do that!

I hope you have yourself a wonderful day!

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