Why Custom Embroidery?

Imagine the logo of a company you built, or a company you’re proud to be a part of, embroidered on the front of your shirt.  People will notice your unique logo and remember not only your company, but their impression of your image as well. We, at Logos In Stitches,  know the importance of a first impression, and we will work with you to achieve the recognition you deserve. Our quality apparel, coupled with excellent custom embroidery, will set you apart from everyone else.

 Embroidery is:

Unique in its ability to convey quality. Originally sewn by hand, today’s machine-embroidered logos give the impression of hand-crafted quality.

Versatile.  It can be put on almost anything.  Choosing the right garment or item to benefit your company the best is where Logos In Stitches can help you.

Durable.  It will last and look good long after the garment or product on which it is stitched wears out.

Cost-effective advertising.  Considering the cost of tv, radio and print advertising, companies will get more bang for their buck when they choose to include custom embroidered company dress shirts, polo shirts, bags, caps, towels or jackets in their advertising budget.

Why Choose Us?

Logos In Stitches is a small family-owned and operated business.  We own the best commercial embroidery machines money can buy.  We use the most high-tech  software for our digitizing and editing that is on the market today.  We like being a small business because it allows us to get to know our customers and pay special attention to each and every one of them.  I guess you could say, “We make it personal”, in more ways than one.

custom-embroidery-sample-design We work in our business every day and oversee every function of it, from talking to our customers, to facilitating the process, to in-house digitizing, and to the actual stitching of the garments.  We also trim, fold, pack and ship!   We do it all.  Our embroidery quality will not go out this door until and unless it makes us proud!  We have an image to uphold just like you do.  That’s why we understand the importance of a first impression and your image in the business world.  We are accountable to ourselves first; and then to our customers.

Brands We Sell in Our Catalog:   CornerStone, District, District Made, Eddie Bauer, New Era, Nike Golf, OGIO, Port Authority, Port & Company, Red House, Russell Outdoor and Sport-Tek.  We also have access to many other suppliers and will special order anything you need from one of them should you not find it in our online catalog.


DIRK AND ME We, Mickey and Dirk, welcome you to Logos In Stitches!
It will be our pleasure to work with you.

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