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Specific Terms Used to Describe our Custom Embroidered Caps

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Brim, Visor, or Bill
These terms refer to the part of the cap that  is your friend and protects your  face from the sun. It’s most often made of PVC plastic, sewn inside the fabric (canvas, cotton, wool, etc.) and keeps its curve even after it’s been washed. Some of our styles have a pre-curved plastic visor. The  visors of custom embroidered caps can be indirectly embroidered and personalized!

This is the liner inside the hat that gives it structure and form. This usually means the cap is described as “structured“. Our “low profile” caps have no buckram and are usually referred to as “unstructured“. These caps are softer and more relaxed. The front panels on both of these custom embroidered caps always look good!

The button on our custom embroidered caps is located at the top of the hat and covers the area where the panels are joined together.

Closures refer to the way hats are closed in the back.  Our fitted custom embroidered caps are just sewn up in back, while our adjustable hats have a variety of closures. They will be made of Velcro, plastic, hook-and-loop, fabric snaps, elastic bands, or leather straps. If the cap has a leather strap, it usually is a top quality cap.  Additional stitching on our custom embroidered caps can be included on the back above the closure. A “tag line”, web address or phone number is often sewn in this area.

The little holes in each panel that allow your hat (and your head) to breathe are called eyelets.  Most hats have eyelets, made of either metal or reinforced stitching.

Panels are the  pieces of material sewn together that make the cap of your hat. Most all of the caps in our catalog are either 6 or 8-panel caps, with the front being two panels with a seam down the middle. We can custom embroider your logo on the front panels of any cap. You may want to add personalization to these custom embroidered caps on one side or the other, and on the back as well.

Stitching is the  thread along the seams of each panel.  It can be either a contrasting color or a color that matches your hat. Also, the colors used in your custom embroidered caps logo or design can be coordinated nicely.

Not all caps have a sweatband that runs along the inside edge of the cap.  This band catches sweat so it doesn’t run down your head or into your eyes. Caps with sweatbands are great at the beach, on the golf course, and at the ballpark.

Our Brands
Our catalogs contain the cap brands of Nike, Ultra Club, Flexfit, Adams, District, Sport-Tek, OGIO, Port Authority and New Era, just to name a few.  We have many sources for caps and the actual selection is limitless.


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