Applique Embroidery – Trendy Clothing


Applique Embroidery:  What is that exactly?  Applique embroidery is a great way to express one’s individuality.  You can definitely make it your own and be creative when designing your patterns. Customers can select a fabric they like.  We cut out the fabric in a specific shape and place it on the garment.  The outline of that shape is then embroidered with either a zig-zag stitch or a tighter sewn satin stitch, which adheres the cut-out to the garment.  If there are any details inside the cut-out, the embroidery machine can stitch them as well.

Applique Embroidery Lettering

Twill Letters with Satin-
Stitched Embroidery

This can be a simple process or a more involved one if you were to layer your cut-out pieces, for example. This will give your design a little dimension.  Additionally, you may choose to have more than one cut-out piece included in your design.  Applique embroidery is virtually limitless in its uses and provides a great way to express your creativity and individuality. Here are a few examples of how applique embroidery is used today. Popular kids’ clothing today is made with applique embroidery.  Everywhere I look, I see little people dressed in cute and bright-colored t-shirts and sweatshirts with appliqued embroidery designs when shopping at the local mall. Clothes made with denim that are decorated with prints and bold graphics are trendy appliqued embroidery fashions for children as well. Children aren’t the only ones wearing this sought-after applique embroidery clothing.  High school cheerleaders wear t-shirts and sweatshirts with appliqued megaphones and school mascot names.  Also, you will see a ton of spirit wear, most likely sweatshirts, with college and high school names appliqued on the front and embroidered with a very rich satin stitch.

Cheerleader Applique

Embroidery & Applique Mascots
for Cheerleaders and Fans

Applique embroidery is also used for personalization.  For instance, you can cut out your three-letter initials in whatever design you like and embroider a nice satin-stitched border around the letters.  College sorority members like to wear the Greek letters of their specific sorority on the front of sweatshirts.  A navy sweatshirt with matching navy plaid cut-out letters is a great look and this is quite fashionable today. There are many effects you can achieve with applique embroidery.  Tackle twill material is mostly used for sports uniform numbers and names.  The chino distressed look is very fashionable today, as well as reverse applique.  You may also use vintage felt, flannel, plaids, glitter and Calico cotton prints to make your appliques stand out.  It’s fun to experiment with applique embroidery and the many various techniques and fabrics that are commonly used. No matter which type of embroidery applique you want to create, we have the expertise to design it for you.   This is a more economical way to customize a garment with embroidery without the cost of high stitch counts.  Be sure to check out all of the applique on our website.