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Hi Folks!  I have a personal experience with “making a first impression” to relate to you today.

I chose a “high end” salon this week to make an appointment for the next day to have my hair highlighted.  My husband wanted a nice haircut, so we made appointments with two different stylists so he wouldn’t have to wait too long for me.  We arrived on time and, while my stylist was “running late”, my husband received immediate attention.  Now, while we realized that he was going to have to wait on me a little longer because of the service I was getting, we didn’t expect that I was going to have to wait on my stylist to arrive late for work.  This was a 10:00 appointment.

While we weren’t happy, I decided to wait.  Another gal appeared after about 10 minutes and apologized and said my stylist would be (as she giggled???) about 15 minutes longer.  (Yes, the giggling attitude did get to me!)  In the meantime, my husband was about finished.  Before the 15 minutes was up, I cancelled my appointment and we left.

Now, this was my first impression of the way this salon did business!  Not only did none of the employees wear company apparel that would have shown me they were proud of where they worked, they showed me they were sloppily dressed, unorganized and lax when it came to what they expect of their employees.  Instead of gaining two brand new customers, they lost us and our recurring business.

This salon had one time to make an impression on a new customer and they blew it!  Granted, custom embroidered apparel in the way of shirts or aprons, would have impressed me, but while it wasn’t the entire package, it is a great start to gaining a better morale with your employees that would give them a feeling of not only pride in their work, but a sense of responsibility when it comes to being on time for work.  Wouldn’t you think that one of the other stylists could have risen to the occasion to take up the slack and at least give me the sense that my business was important to them?  That would have softened the blow for sure.  The other employees were probably annoyed with the lateness of this one stylist, so the morale penetrates throughout the entire staff.

When you have a chance to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION, I hope you will do your very best!  Thanks for allowing me to vent and make the correlation between my experience and how custom embroidered apparel for your business will impress your first-time customer.  I might have given the gal a pass and made another appointment if they had presented a professional appearance and had been more helpful, but I’m not inclined to do that!

I hope you have yourself a wonderful day!

Logos In Stitches

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are a great choice for your company employee uniforms.  They are also popular for sports teams and even karate jackets.  In some cases, embroidered patches can be used as a motivator.  Employees and sports players, alike, can out-perform their peers and earn patches as a reward for their hard work.  The display of their efforts will mean a lot and other members of the team will strive to earn their special embroidered patch as well.

Employing the use of embroidered patches on employee uniforms will build your company’s brand and reputation.  It is a very affordable way to advertise as well.  Embroidered patches greatly benefit those service oriented companies that call on people in their homes.  It validates their visit right away when the homeowner answers the door and immediately sees the embroidered patch of your company on the service person’s work shirt.  It is a comfort to the one answering the door that your employee represents your company and is recognizable with a quick glance at his or her shirt.  This is a huge benefit to companies when it comes to the trust of your organization and the service your company provides.
Kokoro Bushi Do Karate Patch

Choosing a patch is important, too.  Some patches have ragged edges and don’t appear neat and clean.  This does not promote your company as being classy and professional.  A custom embroidered patch is the way to go when it comes to quality and projecting that put-together image you want potential customers to believe.  Remember, we’re talking “quality” when it comes to embroidery.  This doesn’t just pertain to the direct embroidery of your logo onto a shirt.  It’s also an important factor to consider when buying patches.  A bad quality patch also reflects on your company and image….only in a negative manner.

Lady T Ministries Embroidered PatchEmbroidered patches can be custom-made into any shape necessary.  They are truly custom-made.  Some patch providers buy pre-made patches and just embroider the inside of them.  This does not do well when it is important to match the pre-sewn outside border of the patch with the logo on the inside of the patch.  Threads have many shades of colors available, but the border of pre-made patches are made with a different thread than the embroidery thread used to sew the inside design.  It’s always best to have your patches custom made by a knowledgeable embroidery company to be sure your company  has the best quality and professional-looking patch and one that will represent your company in a favorable professional way.




The Professional Look of Embroidered Company Shirts

More and more today, companies are improving their business branding and awareness by using custom embroidered clothing.  Embroidered apparel can include anything from polo shirts to executive dress shirts, athletic caps to knit beanies, golf wind jackets to sweaters and much more.  Also, the more economical items like totes, lunch bags, duffels, and messenger bags can also be embroidered and used as hand-outs or customer gifts.
Custom embroidered shirts produced for Image 1 Studios

A lot of companies (such as our customer in the picture on the right)  like their employees to wear uniform polos, or other types of shirts.  Using embroidery for your logo on these garments will project a professional company image and instill a sense of pride in your employees as well.  They will feel like team players, and productivity usually increases as a result.  And, think about a where your employees go on their way home from work!  They will advertise for you in the grocery store, at the ballpark, in the restaurant, or wherever they stop.  It truly is a win-win proposition to provide custom embroidered work shirts for your employees!

And, don’t forget about your sales people that are out in the field every day calling on customers.  A presentable image, and one that they can be proud of, is very important.  That potential customer will understand that your company is organized, professional, and also cares about the upstanding image they project in the marketplace.  This, most often, will translate into sales which will improve the bottom line.

Leakfree Logo APPROVAL2Custom embroidered logos, like the one on the left here, are an important part of the branding process. Companies spend a lot of money for their unique logos that connect with customers on an emotional level.  The funds spent on these brilliantly designed company logos should not go to waste.

Embroidered logos on quality garments lends an air of class to a business and gives a sense of confidence and loyalty to the customer.  A nicely crisp ironed dress shirt, or a no-wrinkle and soil-release polo, that is embroidered with your logo inspires trust in both your employees and your business.

Another use for custom embroidered apparel or other items is for your company to offer appreciation gifts to your customers.  A nice messenger bag or maybe even a duffel bag, would be great give-away gifts.  Golf towels or blankets for sport events also show off your custom embroidered logo and are a hit with customers.

So, if presenting a more stylish, professional and cohesive business image to your customers is important to you and your company’s success, please be sure to take a look at what custom embroidered apparel has to offer.  You might be surprised with how far your budget can be stretched and the bang you get for your buck when you make custom embroidery part of your advertising and employee uniform budgets.

Moisture Wicking Performance Apparel

Popular today are the moisture-wicking fabrics that make up performance clothing for people who are outside in the heat of the day. With the active lifestyles that everyone enjoys today, we pay particular attention to the clothing we wear so that we are both comfortable and stylish.Moisture-Wicking Polos  New technology has provided great fabrics that keep us dry from perspiration if we happen to be outside on a balmy and hot day. Thank goodness!

How do manufactured brands like dry-fit, rapid-dry, and cool and dry, for example, work?  When we wear a polo shirts made of moisture-wicking fabric, the technology that goes into the actual material of that shirt allows it to draw moisture away from our skin to the outer layer of fabric where it evaporates quickly and keeps us comfortable.  Some even explain it by saying that the material actually “breathes” so the one wearing it remains cool even on the hottest of days.

All of the major brands of apparel have their own name for this special light-weight, fast-drying fabric that their clothes are made of, but they all work in the very same way.  Whether you play golf, baseball, soccer, or any other sport, you will more than likely be wearing a moisture-wicking shirt of some brand.  Usually, these shirts are composed of 100% polyester material, but some are even a blend of cotton and poly.

Moisture-Wicking JerseysCompanies that like their employees dressed in shirts with the company logo should pay particular attention to the material of the shirt they wear, especially if they are in a warehouse situation, or working outside in the summertime.  While dressing and acting like a team, employees will also feel comfortable and dry throughout the long day of work.  I bet it might also help them work even harder if the heat doesn’t get to them. Management will definitely benefit from their employees’ improved work ethic.
Moisture-wicking Jackets

The next time you’re ready for new company shirts, it might be a good idea to check out this new technology and go with custom embroidery on moisture-wicking shirts.  We’ll be glad to assist you.  Our online catalogs are full of moisture-wicking apparel and there is sure to be the style, color and size that you need for that special event or purpose.






Embroidered T-Shirts – Effective Advertising for Your Business

Embroidered T-Shirt

Embroidered T-Shirt Front

Including embroidered t-shirts in your marketing budget is a smart choice.  Yes, you can have t-shirts embroidered, and they can be done well by an experienced embroiderer.  Using t-shirts for marketing purposes increases the visibility to another sector of the community and broadens the awareness of your brand, your company, and your service.  Whether you are a small or large operation, custom embroidered t-shirts will work for you.

From a local perspective, a smaller enterprise can invest in t-shirts to advertise to the local market.  For example, a landscaping company could outfit their employees in embroidered tees.  This will go far when it comes to how a potential customer will perceive your company and the job your people do in their yard.  Most landscaping crews wear screen printed t-shirts.  If your people are wearing embroidered tees, this would set you and your company apart from the competition.  Embroidery, in and of itself, is a quality and classy form of garment decoration and this reflects on your company’s credibility and your people will take more pride in the work they do for your customers.

Buying online makes it easy for any customer to order embroidered t-shirts.  You don’t have to physically take the time to shop in a retail establishment.  Searching for tees on line can be done 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Be sure you take the time to inquire as to whether or not the online embroidery company has a practice of embroidering tees.  It is a little tricky, but a reputable experienced embroidery company will be able to handle the job easily and you will be totally satisfied.

Embroidered T-Shirt Back

Embroidered Back of T-Shirt

Another beneficial way to use embroidered t-shirts in business is to have them in your inventory for give-away programs.  Your customers will love a dressed-up t-shirt to wear with a pair of jeans when they go out to a casual spot at night.  The word of your business will spread like hot fire because people will wear them in a classier environment and then their friends will also want a t-shirt to wear….with your company name on it!  How great is that!!! 

You can’t go wrong with embroidered t-shirts!  They will pay for themselves in a hurry and your business will grow at a much faster pace. 




Applique Embroidery:  What is that exactly?  Applique embroidery is a great way to express one’s individuality.  You can definitely make it your own and be creative when designing your patterns. Customers can select a fabric they like.  We cut out the fabric in a specific shape and place it on the garment.  The outline of that shape is then embroidered with either a zig-zag stitch or a tighter sewn satin stitch, which adheres the cut-out to the garment.  If there are any details inside the cut-out, the embroidery machine can stitch them as well.

Applique Embroidery Lettering

Twill Letters with Satin-
Stitched Embroidery

This can be a simple process or a more involved one if you were to layer your cut-out pieces, for example. This will give your design a little dimension.  Additionally, you may choose to have more than one cut-out piece included in your design.  Applique embroidery is virtually limitless in its uses and provides a great way to express your creativity and individuality. Here are a few examples of how applique embroidery is used today. Popular kids’ clothing today is made with applique embroidery.  Everywhere I look, I see little people dressed in cute and bright-colored t-shirts and sweatshirts with appliqued embroidery designs when shopping at the local mall. Clothes made with denim that are decorated with prints and bold graphics are trendy appliqued embroidery fashions for children as well. Children aren’t the only ones wearing this sought-after applique embroidery clothing.  High school cheerleaders wear t-shirts and sweatshirts with appliqued megaphones and school mascot names.  Also, you will see a ton of spirit wear, most likely sweatshirts, with college and high school names appliqued on the front and embroidered with a very rich satin stitch.

Cheerleader Applique

Embroidery & Applique Mascots
for Cheerleaders and Fans

Applique embroidery is also used for personalization.  For instance, you can cut out your three-letter initials in whatever design you like and embroider a nice satin-stitched border around the letters.  College sorority members like to wear the Greek letters of their specific sorority on the front of sweatshirts.  A navy sweatshirt with matching navy plaid cut-out letters is a great look and this is quite fashionable today. There are many effects you can achieve with applique embroidery.  Tackle twill material is mostly used for sports uniform numbers and names.  The chino distressed look is very fashionable today, as well as reverse applique.  You may also use vintage felt, flannel, plaids, glitter and Calico cotton prints to make your appliques stand out.  It’s fun to experiment with applique embroidery and the many various techniques and fabrics that are commonly used. No matter which type of embroidery applique you want to create, we have the expertise to design it for you.   This is a more economical way to customize a garment with embroidery without the cost of high stitch counts.  Be sure to check out all of the applique on our website.

How Can Custom Embroidered Hats Work for You?

Custom Embroidered Beanie GirlOne of the best ways to promote your business is with promotional advertising products. Most companies make use of this exceptional use of embroidery services because they know it will be beneficial in the long run. Investing in custom embroidered hats and caps is a very economical product that allows companies to get the most bang for their advertising dollar. Hats and caps are worn everywhere for the world to see!
Here are a couple of ways companies can make use of custom embroidered hats and caps. You can have hats embroidered with your company logo for your employees. . For example, if you are affiliated with a company that is in a business where employees work outside, it is a very practical consideration to provide those employees with hats or caps to protect them from the elements. This can translate into so many things….like how much management cares about their employees’ well being. And, it can also be a way of advertising your business to those that come in contact with your employees throughout the work day. No telling where that employee might wear his custom embroidered company cap after work—like to the grocery store on the way home, or to the ball field to watch his child play ball! The opportunities for exposing your organization to the masses are endless.Custom Embroidered Cap Ball Field

Hats for sports are stylish and people wear them all year round. We carry great New Era caps for various sports. You don’t have to play a sport to wear hats and caps. One might be sitting in the stands of a ballgame and will be wearing a custom embroidered cap of his favorite team. A sport that traditionally involves the wearing of a hat is golf. Golfers wear low profile unstructured caps, as well as the high profile structured variety. Women like to wear visors as well. Custom embroidered hats and caps for all kinds of sports makes them a great choice for a company’s promotional marketing budget.
Another use for custom embroidered hats might be at the beach where people want to shield themselves from the sun by wearing an embroidered straw hat, or maybe a visor. Everyone is sure to be wearing some sort of headwear for protection. Caps and hats come in all sorts of styles and colors. And custom embroidery is the way to go for the most classy look that people enjoy.Custom Embroidered Golf Caps
For the cooler months, knit hats like custom embroidered beanies are a great choice for promotional headwear. Both men and women wear them regularly and are considered very stylish in today’s times. These hats are usually one-size-fits-all and come in all colors and combinations of colors. This is also a very economical promotional item to be considered for the custom embroidery of your company logo.
Don’t forget about the camoflauge headwear that hunters wear in the woods, on the water, or wherever they might go. There are all colors of camo caps and beanies that can be custom embroidered with your brand logo or company emblem or insignia. Women like to wear this kind of headwear too!
Custom embroidered hats and caps are easy to order and all of the guys and gals will want one. Use custom embroidered caps and hats to your benefit and promote your organization and your brand in an incredibly elegant way.

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